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Solar for Homes

We custom design your solar system to suit your circumstances

A handy reality check is to take your 3 monthly power bill and multiply it by 24. The amount you see is how much you will send your power company over the next 5 years unless you install solar. The figure is based on power in Victoria increasing by 10% each year but the reality is the increases can be much higher.

We custom design your solar system to suit your circumstances and calculate your expected solar output using industry leading software and approved practices . Using the latest technology products, with our premium systems, you will be able to track your solar output and your home energy usage!

If you have a pool, a home based business, big air-conditioning or are home most days then solar power is a no brainer.

Reduce your power bills and contribute to a cleaner environment

Solar greatly reduces your power bills and insulates you from future power price increases. We will calculate an approximate power bill saving for you, again based on your actual circumstances.

While money saving from solar power is great, your contribution to a cleaner environment we think is just as important. We will advise you of your carbon saving, you’ll be surprise at how much it is!

Having Approved Solar Retailer status means we know how to do solar properly and stand behind our products and workmanship.

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Power price increase are now one of life’s certainties. The sooner you act, the sooner you start saving money and making a positive step toward a cleaner planet for our future generations.
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