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Solar for Business

Savings from solar go straight to the bottom line

Solar power and businesses are great partners. Your business uses power during the day and that’s when solar is pumping! Savings from solar go straight to the bottom line.

When analysing solar for your business we use detailed usage and climate data to prepare a detailed business case. Financial return reports based on your actual business power usage and actual solar output from your roof include key return on investment metrics like payback period and internal rate of return. There is no guess work- you can have absolute confidence in the validity of our proposal.

Along with the installation of high technology solar systems we include a business energy audit to find areas of power wastage and provide recommendations to reduce your power usage. Another saving that goes straight to the bottom line!

Our power tariff negotiation partners will let you know if your present power rates are fair or if better deals are available. Having Approved Solar Retailer status means we know how to do solar properly and stand behind our products and workmanship.

Contact us for a free copy of our paper “Making Sense of Commercial Solar.”

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Power price increase are now one of life’s certainties. The sooner you act, the sooner you start saving money and making a positive step toward a cleaner planet for our future generations.
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