Do I need to change my power meter?


 Yes. In order for you to receive the maximum feed in tariff you must get a new meter. Without a new meter you will only receive the same amount for the unused power as what you pay to buy it from your power company


Will my new meter be one of the “Smart Meters”?


Yes, the installation of smart meters is happening now, regardless of whether you are a solar home or not. Being a solar home you will get the new meter sooner


When will I get the new meter?


Once your system is installed we contact your power company and area distributor and advise them to change the meter over. The power companies quote 3 weeks to change the meter.


How much roof space is required?


It depends on the size of the system you need. Many installations need only 12 M2 and most suburban roofs have ample room.


How long will the installation take?


We spend considerable time planning each installation, so the actual time the installers need to spend at your home is minimised. A general guide is half a day for an average installation.


Once the system is installed, when does it start to generate electricity? the system is installed is it generating electricity?

We organise for an electrical inspector to visit usually the same day or the next day after installation. Once he has approved the electrical works you system is switched on- and you start to produce free power.


What maintenance is required?


Very little, if any, maintenance is necessary. The angle of the panels means rain normally keeps them clean. If you do feel you need to clean them yourself, use your tank water and give them a squirt


What if my roof is flat?


If you do have a flat roof we make use of a special frame that will set the panels at the correct angle and you will receive the same amount of power as if your roof was on an angle.


What happens in winter?


It doesn’t have to be sunny for your panels to work because it’s the UV rays that are used by the system. In heavy fog or overcast day it may just produce 25-30% of what it normally would.


What will happen in a hail storm?


Quality panels will remain fine during a hail storm.


Will the system still work if the power goes out?


No for safety reasons your solar system will automatically turn off if the mains power stops. It will switch back on as soon as the mains power is restored.


Is the system covered by insurance?


It may be automatically included. You should call your insurance company and let them know that you have installed a solar system so they can note it on your policy.



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