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The future is almost here!

Power storage batteries and home automation are the next big step in energy independence. Batteries will store your unused solar power during the day and provide that power to feed your home or business when your solar is not active.

A major consideration with batteries is the size and technology you need. There are quite a few different technologies available. Some are great and some are inefficient. Very few people know what size battery they need, and how economic their choice would be.

Clean Energy Solar have completed recognised training in battery installations and installed batteries in Victorian homes. We can properly advise on the brand and type of battery, and whether it makes financial sense

Coupled with the technology of our inverter systems your choice of battery can be made with the confidence that it is right for you.


Power price increase are now one of life’s certainties. The sooner you act, the sooner you start saving money and making a positive step toward a cleaner planet for our future generations.
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