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Solar Done Properly

Clean Energy Solar is a designer and installer of industry leading solar power systems for homes and businesses.

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We already have a constant and free power source available to us – the sun. A huge nuclear reactor creating approximately 17,000 times more energy everyday than the combined global population is using. The money we save on the power bill is obvious; it is now, immediate and easily seen. It is the combination of this financial benefit together with a contribution to a cleaner healthier planet that are the real long term benefits of solar. Now with government assistance and sensible payment plan options your electricity savings will begin paying for your solar from day one.

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Solar for Business

We have helped many businesses to benefit from solar and installed systems on many types of roofs.

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Solar for Homes

We custom design your solar system to suit your circumstances and calculate your expected solar output.

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Energy Assessments

We will assess your commercial or domestic energy usage and determine the viability of solar.

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Why Go Solar?

Its simple! We reduce the burden of ever increasing power bills. Take a simple test. Look at your power bill and multiple it by 24. That is how much you will send your power company over the next 5 years if power prices rise by just 10% each year.

While climate change and the cause are a hot topics for many, the greenhouse gas reduction for those using solar is impressive. It’s your way of helping future generations, and we inform you of your reduction in CO2 output as part of our design process

The concept of solar is simple- doing it properly is what makes the difference. Clean Energy Solar, for many years, have “Approved Solar Retailer” status from the Clean Energy Council. Companies that are Approved Retailers are committed to raising the standards in the solar industry.

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Why Choose Us


Over 10 Years’ Experience

Over 10 years of solar design experience and the use of powerful software allows us to provide you with one of the best solar solutions for your needs.


Several hundred installations

We have experience you can rely. This is important when investing in a solar power solution. We have completed several hundred installations over the last 10 years.


Quality Guarantee

Our products are researched to ensure they are of genuine high quality. All installations are tailored to your needs to ensure you get the best solution.


Power price increase are now one of life’s certainties. The sooner you act, the sooner you start saving money and making a positive step toward a cleaner planet for our future generations.
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